Access to UnitiServe

The UnitiServe only supports SMB1. Usually SMB1 is disabled with Windows 10 because of security reasons. Is there a practical work around to access the UnitiServe as a network drive without enabling SMB1 in the system configuration?
How do other UnitiServe users manage the post tagging of downloaded files in the downloads folder?
Thanks for advice in advance!

Still works fine on my Mac :grinning:

When you enable SMB1 in the Windows 10 features it also works on this system. But I think it is not the best way to enable SMB1 all the time. Are there any update plans for the UnitiServe?

Nothing planned that I’m aware of.
(There’s also the issue of Flash EOL which will end access to the browser interface. Not sure about Windows/DTC, but on a Mac there are some things you can only do on the browser interface, not on N-Serve.)

I get into mine with both Mac and pc. Just a matter finding it on your network. I did once had a problem accessing it via the Mac, but the guys from Naim fixed it remotely.

It’s difficult for Naim to move away from SMB1 in the Unitiserve because Microsoft never released an update for Windows XP Embedded that would enable it to use SMB2 or 3. So I think it’s there for the duration.



I use an NS01, which is also based on Windows XP. It is not possible to edit files in the downloads folder. I do any editing on the PC before dragging to the NS01 downloads folder. I do occasionally have difficulty accessing the downloads folder on the PC, but in such cases I switch to a newer laptop, which usually fixes it.

I (on an up-to-date Mac) add files into Metadatics, edit there and save.

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