Achievement Unlocked: Made a Decision and Sent Payment

Yesterday that is my plan. Unfortunately I decided Fraim was overkill at this point so it won’t be completely reference Naim.

Yes Poker debts! I taught my kids, nieces, and nephews how to play poker and various games of chance. We always played with real money (that I gave them without strings requiring they play the games.) They’d often run up huge wins but always ended up in debt. Hopefully it’s a valuable life lesson. At the very least they understand the math of poker and how it is winnable vs every other casino card game. Every now and then I “call in” a bit of the debt when I some help around the house. Many people thought it was inappropriate to teach eight year olds how to gamble but risk assessment is an important skill. As a former professional poker player, I kinda hoped one of them would get seriously interested in the game but they eventually concluded that gambling isn’t a great idea.

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OMG! It’s like the ‘best jokes’ thread of yesterday evening, if you weren’t there you’ve missed a douzy!

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Did you win any big events?

In that comparison, there are 3 factors that could unequally favour the Humboldt:

  1. Would a NAP500 be the fair point of comparison (rather than the 300)?
  2. As you suggest, if the Humboldt is on a much better rack than the Naim amps, this favours the Humboldt.
  3. The cable dressing needs to be spot on to make the Naim system sing.

So for the comparison to make sense, you’d have to imagine that you had a NAP500 and Fraim singing in harmony. :innocent:

I don’t know man, you said 122 lbs. I just googled the conversion and got 55kg.

Depends :wink:

Let’s stick with metric :smiley:

So apparently it’s not exactly the half as I believed. Thanks. I learned something today. :grin:

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My biggest cash was under $100k so nothing major. I really liked online poker and the shift to playing live killed it for me. I won a few live <$500 buy in tournaments and made final table in some higher stakes but I had young kids at the time and didn’t want to be away from them so I didn’t play much. I love the game but dislike Vegas and casinos in general.

Worst hand of my life in NLH I had A2 spades heads up with a flop of 345 all spades. I flopped a straight flush. another 5 came on the turn. Long story short all the money went in thinking this guy has 55, 33, or 44. Of course he shows 67 spades.

Both ends of a straight flush.

That’s a rare pairing.

1kg =2.2lb.
Using factor of 2 is good enough for very rough comparison.

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I’m a bit lost to be honest with what’s going here, but it sounds like it will be awesome fun, so why not - congratulations!


Poker, the metric system, questionable rudeness, moral lessons for children and either a 55kg or 61kg amplifier…this forum has it all


We’ve got Christmas and a medley of relatives to add to the mix before we even hear any music as well :partying_face:

Sounds like it’s a great amp, hope it all works out for you fella.
Keep enjoying that rossini and let me know how it all goes

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I hope it lives up to the hype. Going to be a long 10 weeks…

Stefon (played by Bill Hader) from Saturday Night Live

For SNL fans

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You are probably still waiting your Audionet Humboldt. There’s a recent review in Enjoy the music point com site.

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