Acoustic panels

Ok so I needed some acoustic panels but obviously far too ugly for the living room so my wife designed some filled acoustic panels and decorated them she even got pillows to match. They work reasonably well too. It’s not a bad idea as it happens. Wife friendly panels… Naim panels :joy:


They certainly don’t look ugly. I don’t know if you’re aware that many commercial panels are available either in colour of choice, which could match wall colour, or in “art” panels printed with artwork of your choice, including an option to be printed with your own photographs. I’m certainly not knocking DIY panels, which can be very good as well as low cost, and of course custom made to fit particular spaces. Incidentally, I note that your panels seem very slim, so presumably only effective at the higher frequencies?


One is thicker than the other but you are right it was the high frequencies we were curtailing as there was an echo slight but annoying and this was a bit of fun really as the wife likes her crafts, and they did the trick to a point for almost no money. It’s all a compromise :wink:

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Very nice work and few realice how important panels are for sound quality.

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