Acoustic panels

Are addictive sound… bass traps panels good option for first reflection point on side walls?

It’s not bass traps that are needed at first reflection points but higher frequency absorbers.

Yes just looking gik 242 seem to be the job.

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That sounds more like it. BTW, GIK are good at giving advice and free assessments on info provided by you, from room dimensions and furnishings to accepting REW acoustic measurement files (even giving guidance on what measurements to take).

You can actually use GIK Monster Bass Traps [full range] for first reflection points and get the added bonus of some extra bass treatment.

I had a pretty much bare room in house we just moved in to. Sounded pretty dire - thin, no bass, no drive so maybe not the same problem you have. I bought some insulation panels from the local DIY store and put them around the room - mainly but not all at reflection points. It’s absolutely transformed the sound and has done exactly what I wanted. Incredible, pretty cheap and lends itself to a bit of tweaking if that’s your thing. I’ve made some frames for them so can hang / place them where I like. The panels 1200*600mm - so I have made some this size and some 600x600mm.

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Are the insulation panels rockwool?

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