Acoustica show 2019

Just received the latest newsletter from the chaps at Acoustica and it looks like there will be plenty of interesting goodies to listen to at the annual show in Chester

From recent posts it looks like there will be plenty of attendees who are active on the forum, and apologies if this is already mentioned elsewhere

I noticed there is a note of Kudos having an active system on demo at the event that i hadn’t seen mentioned previously…

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Yep, planning to be there again this year, for what is one of the more laid back, relaxed shows. :sunglasses:

I will be there. I think it will be 4th yr running.

I will also be there. Probably on the Saturday. Won’t be buying any more kit though. Already spent up!

I’m also planning to head along on the Saturday all being well. Really looking forward to hearing the new streamers, but also hope there’s at least one turntable in use!

I will be going on Saturday looking forward to hearing ATC, hoping they have the active SCM 40, and Kudos not in the market for 808s but the 606 look interesting. Looking to reduce the boxes, i have active isobariks

I expect to be there again, probably Saturday. I’m contemplating a move to ATC actives (either 19 or 40 depending on what works best in my room) and perhaps swapping out my 272/XPS for Auralic Vega G2 unless Naim come up with a 272 mk 2, so a visit to this friendly show may help push me along.


Just a very quick reminder about the Acoustica annual bash, on April 6th. & 7th.

Anyone else decided to go yet?

Yes, up for this again.

I will probably go on the Saturday morning but pondering staying away to avoid any further temptation as I have already emptied my bank account for Acoustica’s benefit this year …

Yes, I’ll be there on Saturday morning too, though I have to call in at the shop first, in order to either, return the 500 DR which is getting here on Tuesday, or hand over my 300 DR + some of Her Majesty’s finest folding.

Decisions, decisions. :thinking:

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My bet is you will really like the 500DR. I’ve just swapped 252/300 DR for 552/500 both unDRed. Barely running an hour and liking the extra control and refinement it brings. Everything sounds very natural. Drum like drums etc.


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Yes, that’s what’s worrying me! :smiling_imp:

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Don’t get hooked on the speakers for the time being.

No, as mentioned elsewhere, The ATC’s didn’t do it for me, and the Neats are staying.

The active speaker home demo was just to try an alternative to the “inevitable” 500DR.


Hmm, I might pop along and hover outside in a mask and stripy shirt holding a cosh, waiting for the chap with 2 large boxes and a large bag of notes. :grinning: Actually I was plann8ning to come along until I noticed it was my mum’s 96th birthday weekend and I’d be in the Smoke.


Señor Staines, are you planning a visit this year?

I’ll be there Saturday, and wouldn’t mind a quick conversation about why the ATC active speakers didn’t seem to work for me. :thinking:

All being well, there should be a Naim for Bentley system in a Bentley Bentayga on demo on the Saturday.

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