Active 82 System Tape Copying - Need Help

I have an 82, two HICAPS and two 250s. The 82 is powered by a NAPSE. The link plug is fitted on the 82. I have a tape deck connected to the TAPE input but want to record the tape playing with another identical tape deck. Can I connect the 2nd recording deck to one of the outputs on the 82 or an output from one of the HICAPS? Any guidance would be greatly appreciated. After 40+ years I really should know the answer to this. Thank you.

You can connect the two tape decks to any of inputs 4, 5 or 6 on the 82, as they all have both input and output. You can see this if you look at the sticker on the back.

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Okay so I just select the recording deck on the lower set of buttons on the 82 and the playing deck on the upper buttons?

That’s right.

If you are using both Hicaps (plus the mandatory NAPSC) to power the 82 then the link plug should not be fitted.

That’s what I initially thought, but it’s an active system, so one on the 82 and the other on a Snaxo, with the two Hicaps connected to each other. I only assume this from the title, not the equipment listed. Full profiles really do help here.

Thank you. That worked but now what about the 2 HICAPS. Yes the plug on 82 is fitted then the left output plug on 82 goes to HICAP 1. Then HICAP 1 is connected to HICAP 2 and HICAP 2 goes to SNAXO. 250s each go to SNAXO. Is there a different or better way? Is this correct? Sorry for the delay - I’m in the colonies in “new” York. Thank you.

I’ve never had an active system but that sounds correct. One Hicap powers the 82, and the other powers the Snaxo. The two Hicaps are linked together. The 250s connect to the Snaxo. It works for you so must be correct. If in doubt, look in the various manuals for connections.


Ok, now that you mention that you have a (S)NAXO, then the connectivity as you have described is indeed correct.

I will now shut up and crawl back into my hole…… :laughing:

Thank you all for your help.

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