Active NAP250DR x 3 or NAP500 single passive?

I was happilly driving the SBL active with 4 NAP 135, and then I switched to the NAP 500 after having heard so many hypes in favour of the NAP 500. Although, I regretted this move, I still think the NAP 500 is an awesome amp.


The NAP 500 is a fantastic amp, but I already had two 250’s so choice was harder. The responses to this thread and reviews suggest that the 250x3path is a good one. Is the new 250 an upgrade over the old 250 DR though……
Oh dear.
Actually no worries I have just spent the day maxing out some Eric Clapton albums. The lady in the balcony live lockdown album is wonderful, and I now have Derek an the Domino’s going for it and I could not be happier!


If you plan to remain active, might be worth on a vfm basis, to give to consideration to NAP options currently available. I have NC250 with my NSC222 - no direct comparison, my NAP250DR was swapped out. There is most likely on listening, some developed improvement with NC250. On the vfm aspect with three NAPs, the now discontinued NAP250/300s are still fine power amps. With ex dem stock around, grab a NAP300 for the treble, demo if you can and then add two more of similar age. The savings versus 3 x NC250 would be quite significant. While it is true, 3 identical NAPs is the ideal, if the best NAP is on the treble and a pair of NAPs, say 250 is on the other drivers, it is a workable option, which other forum members have had some success with. While I have NAP300s, I realise the box count climbs ever higher, given some of your restriction, ymmv.