Active Ovator vs Kudos 606/707

I had a post a few weeks back looking for recommendations for updated speakers to change my sbls. I have a demo arranged next week ovator 600 and kudos 606/707, on active set-up. I was curious if others have done similar comparisons and what was the outcome?

Ps rest of my current system is 552, nds and 250s. Any change would need a new snaxo to fit the speakers, naturally.


@tedandthebears my dealer had a demo day on Saturday with Kudos, T505 & T808

I have heard the T606 on a number of occastions, though passive as the new SNAXO has only just been released - what I can say on both T505 and T808 the active system is the way forward on the both

I have sbl’s (passive) and ovators (active). People have made the move from sbls to ovators before, but the positioning them is quite different. SBLs work better in smalish / midsize rooms against a wall, whilst ovators work best in large rooms freestanding.

If the home demo is possible …

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