Active PMC upgrade

Hi folks,
Has anyone here heard the new PMC active speaker upgrade?
I’ve got the passive PMC twenty5.23 floorstanders powered by a uniti nova.
Two questions I guess, firstly is the active upgrade worth doing, and secondly could I use my nova as an input to them or would I need some different kit?

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Worth checking out this thread



Worth reading this recent thread, lots of very detailed review comments:


Great minds etc… :wink:


Read something recently - in relation to PMC Twenty5 active upgrade module - copied here…

The sonic benefits of active amplification are higher resolution, improved dynamic range, control and transparency, all at a reasonable cost. Dispensing with the need for a conventional power amplifier also has the benefit of reducing box count”.

Thought that just about nailed it, ( for going active ).



And of course, you can use your Nova as Pre/Dac/Streamer with the PMC actives. I use my Unitiqute2 the same way, with active speakers.

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So I could just use the analogue outputs from the nova? I presume I’d use the nova volume control?

Preamp outputs. VC will be active. If cable run not tooo long RCA-RCA standard (unbalanced) cable. If long cable run then risk of hum pickup in which case balanced cables better, when you’ll need unbalanced to unbalanced converter (either cable ending in balun transformer plugs, or a short adapter cable with balun transformer. One of the other current threads on active speakers has a more detail on this aspect - the forum search facility is your friend.

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I am also considering an active upgrade to my twenty5 24 and I wanted to see it’s possible to upgrade my tweeter to the newer i series one, emailed PMC and got a reply back
“ Thanks for your mail.

The Active upgrade is really something special, the popularity has even taken us by surprise!

The new active modules feature a superior active analogue crossover network and provide greater transparency and better driver integration than even the newer 25i passive crossover. It will give far better overall performance that you have been used to. That includes Top, Mid & bass.

The diameter, rebate, and fixings of the 25i tweeter are different to that of the 25 so it will not fit in the cabinet, but the performance you’ll get with the new active upgrade will wring ever ounce of performance of the loudspeakers you have and that will be exceptional, so you really shouldn’t be too concerned!

Kindest regards

The PMC Team”