Active SBL 200 & 500 Assignment

Unique opportunity to try running
2 X 555 PSDR
Active to Danish Cabinet SBL’s with
Super Lumina 7 Meter
Naca 7 Meter
Supercap & Snaxo
REL Powered Sub

Thoughts on to which AMP does on assign which driver

500 ==> tweeter
200 ==> bass


500 ==> bass
200 ==> tweeter

I am an apt pupil

Received wisdom is to use the better amp on the tweeters, but it’s easy to try both. Is the 500 and 200 a long term solution? I can’t help thinking that two 300s would be better.

That’s about as wonky as you can get! Agree with HH though. 500 on treble. Would I be right in assuming you have the 500 already and are looking to see what Active can do and you happen to just have access to a 200?

I ran a wonky active system with a Nap 180 and 2 Nap 250s with Nac 52 and NBLs. It sounded better with 180 on tweeters, but it never sounded correct until third Nap 250 arrived.

I’d be very interested to read what you found from each option.

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