Active Vintage Systems


I would like to have your feedback on Naim active systems …

I have been in this configuration for a few months with Naxo 2-4 and 4x135.

Once the settings are done, I think this system is an outcome, but very variable on how to play.

What are your experiences?

Which speakers?

Ohhh… yes :sweat_smile:

I lived with such a system for a number of years with a 52 managing a NAT01 and CDS.
I did not bother to play around with Snaxo settings relying on my dealer’s experience.
I now have a NDS to replace the CDS and run Ovator 600s, which I let my dealer set up. I’m still smiling …

SBL’s should be a good shout as long as you find a good pair.
I ran mk2 sbl’s in active for quite some time and sounded great and only just removed them from my system as i found some active S600 speakers that i am now using.
But for the price the Sbl’s go for then they are a bargin and as long as you place then near a solid rear wall they will sound great
I ran mine on a snaxo 2/4 on a high cap for most off its life that was set up for the sbl’s and was serviced which gave good results and is a must if you want to get the best from them.

the Naxo is gone in recaping …

I think that the lack of stability in the restitution must come from his age.

The first time the system was active, it was perfect!

This is the only item that has not been spent on service.

Here is the reason for the random performances with my SBL.

What are your recommendations for assembly?
Perforated plates or not?

Yikes! Looks like new Alu pads are definitely needed.

I changed the pads and the Gasket Kit on the SBL.

Back on my income recapping Naxo…

Naxo came back with the changes made when he left and I thought everything would get better!

ERROR it’s been several days since I will try something that has approached the satisfactory result in vain…

So, in a final frustration well advanced this time, I start from scratch wall outlet potentiometers Naxo and… oh joy it works!

Nasty little potentiometers that decide everything.

The adjustments of the pots before recapping are no longer suitable, I am currently 20° lower.

I put order in Naxo and adopted the vertical asset as wanted by the great genius.
There is nothing to say, we do not reinvent the concept of the master! :ok_hand:t3:

Ouch that hole looks like you are being a bit too keep and maybe pressing down hard on the mid section to mate it to the main box.

I still recall the many hours changing SBL kits, I recall the pads should only have an imprint not straight through.

Indeed, there is a debate on the forum “Synthèse hifi” on how to mark the pads.

-In contact with the wood of the intermediate box.


-Just in contact with alu plates

For me, it’s clear that SBLs do not work properly when the decoupling is faulty.

At Naim we would make just a small dimple imprint. That would then be the guide for rebuilding the boxes.

Thank you Richard!

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