Adam Savage (and friends) on data cables

I found this pretty interesting.


Certainly explains the cost of the Apple cable… Have been caught out by one no-name USB-C cable being charge only myself recently when trying to connect a external drive, lesson learnt.

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I was shocked at the sophistication of the Apple Thunderbolt cable. Basically, I was left wondering how they make it so cheaply?


Very interesting. Thank you for this… :slightly_smiling_face:

If your pressed for time to watch the clip. Here’s the scan images.

Although it’s like comparing a Peterbilt to a Tacoma.


Yep. There’s actually a computer in the Apple cable. That’s not an exaggeration.

They did make the point that most USB-C cables are actually used purely for charging, and the extra data functionality doesn’t matter much in most cases. The Thunderbolt standard has a different customer. The mechanical integrity and durability are arguably more important for the frequent plug-un-plug cycles of charging.


Fascinating. I do wish they had compared say an OWC or Chinese branded Thunderbolt cable to the Apple vs just other cheap USB-C cables.

Yes, that would be interesting.

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