Add a second streaming service?

I use Qobuz into my ndx2/555psdr.
Between Naim radio and Qobuz I have a great selection of all types of music and I’m quite happy.
Does anyone use 2 streaming services, like adding Tidal or Spotify to Qobuz? If so, then what is the benefit?

although great for classical. qobuz’s catalogue is fairly poor for folk/world music so i use spotify free to fill in the gaps

Yeah. Qobuz and Tidal here. I can’t access MQA because I’m using a Chord DAC but there are a small but significant number of albums available on the latter in CD quality which show no sign of appearing on Qobuz. My son is also used to using Tidal for music and podcasts so it suits to keep the two for that reason also. Having him 0n our account also helps in terms of monitoring appropriate usage.

People keep talking about significant gaps in the Qobuz catalogue. It’s a bug bear of certain magazines. I’ve yet to nail down exactly what the gap is. Certainly I’ve filled in masses of folk and works music gaps in my collection from Qobuz.

I’m only 9 months into streaming and have numerous improvements to muse upon but my impression is that whilst some high res is lovely CD quality is generally preferable in most cases and the higher the resolution the less predictable and disappointing the results. I get excited when my Chord DAC moves colour from the red of CD but I’ve rapidly learned that green is good whilst blue, allegedly better again, generally is not.

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Selection. I have Qobuz, Idagio, and Apple Music. I’ve got a trial membership with Tidal that I’ll probably cancel. The other three complement each other. And I have used iTunes Match to store all the CDs I own, so they are available for streaming. There are albums among them that are not currently streaming anywhere.

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