Added radio station - but silence

Hi guys,

After a bit of a struggle I managed add a local radio station - Drystone 103.5 - to the favourites of my Atom Uniti. But when I select it there is no sound. Drystone works via their website and all other favourites work on the Naim.

Can anyone offer any advice on how to debug?

Thanks, Jim.

I just found this station using the standard search option, so there should be no need to add it. Unfortunately, I get no sound either. So I’ll alert @Stevesky at Naim in the hope of a fix. Thanks Steve!

Wow! Thanks for the instant reply, and help.


You can use AirPlay to stream the station from an iPhone or other device to the Atom. If Naim can fix the station so that it works from the Naim app you won’t need to do this, but it will work for now.

Just added another local station - Rombalds Radio. That does’t work either.

Wonder what I’m doing wrong?


Hmm. I’ve found that by searching under internet ratio, and that doesn’t work either. How strange. You seem to have the knack of finding stations that don’t work on Naim. It’s particularly odd that they come up in the search but just don’t work. @Stevesky is there any chance you could look at these two please?

It’s not unusual for small local stations to fail to update the url they supply to vTuner, so my guess is that this is causing your problems. If you are able to contact the station they may be able to fix this, although there’s usually a better chance of success if Naim contact them via vTuner.

In the meantime, as I said, you can use Airplay or Chromecast to send the stream to your Atom.

Steve is on holiday currently so he may not respond for a while.

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