Adding a Flatcap to CD 3.5

Hi All, Newbie here - Sorry for 2 very basic questions. I’ve just acquired an Olive flatcap to power my CD 3.5. Two questions are arising:

  1. The CD 3.5 still needs to be plugged into the mains and switched on as the power supply only powers certain parts of the CD 3.5. Is this correct?
  2. I’m getting short of space on my rack - will sitting the flatcap directly on top of the CD 3.5 cause any issues?

Thanks so much. Rest of the system is Olive 72/140/HiCap with monitor audio silver speakers.

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Welcome David.

Yes, you’ll need the CD3.5 plugged in to the mains as well as the Flatcap only powers the analogue output stage of the player.

You can sit the Flatcap on top or underneath, but it’s not ideal placement - you will get better performance with some physical separation such as with each item on it’s own shelf or level.

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Thanks Richard. A full re-org of what sits where now underway!

Years ago I added a Flatcap to my CD3.5 and didn’t feel it added much. That was before I knew about servicing. If it’s not been serviced it needs it :wink:. If it has been then enjoy.


Hi, Thanks - its on my radar as I saw huge improvement when I had my 72/140 done a few years ago. Thanks Paul

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I had a CD5 and added a Flatcap 2 to this, the difference was remarkable. As suggested, stacking is not ideal, given that the Flatcap has no moving parts, if you were to do this, I would suggest the CD3.5 on top, you are then at the very least, providing a solid base for the CD mechanism.

If you do stack then put some paper under the feet of the upper unit. The feet “go soft & gooey” after a few years and leave sticky black marks on the unit below; also on the beige coloured carpet in the living room…

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