Adding a local radio station

Hi just wondering if anyone knows how to get someone’s attention to add a station. Followed all the instructions using my Muso and was told (and/or assumed) they’d reply but not a thing. No answers no emails and the station still isn’t available. Surely there’s a better system that allows you to find it and add to your favourites.

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If you are using the naim app push on “home”logo. Then push the circular
“iradio”logo and this will give an option to choose the region eg Oceania, then Australia. You then have a list of what genre of station you want to try eg thrash metal and hopefully your desired station will be on the list. :slightly_smiling_face:

Done that and it’s not there.

I get this when I push the iradio circle.

I get this but there doesn’t appear to be anywhere or how to add the station yourself.

Push the location logo and go from there. You will end up narrowing the station down to its genre.

Pretty sure I’ve tried that but I will give it another go.

I think that will let Pete play it, but not add it to vtuner. However if he can play it, then he can favourite it by tapping the star in the now playing screen and get it again easily that way.

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