Adding a power supply

My current system uses digital sources. I send the digital data to a Naim DAC V1 which is cabled to a Naim supernait 2 amp and then to Totem speakers plus a Rel sub woofer. All cables are as recommended by Totem and Naim and are high quality.

I love my sound system. Now I have an opportunity to add a Naim Hi-Top power source. Does that make sense? Where does it fit in the chain?

Thanks for your help.

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Hi Tom and welcome,
I think the translation possibly confusing me. Do you mean replacing the DACV1 with a dedicated streamer. If that is what you’re intending then depending your budget the NDX2 is the most obvious answer.

Good luck.

No, I want to keep what I have and add a Naim Hi-Top poor supply.


If you mean a Hicap, it goes on the amplifier. Have a read of the manual.

Okay I think you mean a Hi Cap Power Supply which you would use to power the pre-amp section of your SN. This would certainly improve your system. A number of people who have the SN do this but if I were you I think you would get a greater improvement by replacing the Dac V1 with a dedicated streamer such as the ND5 or NDX.

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