Adding a sub NAC/NAP

Evenin’ all…

I currently have a system consisting of an NAC72 and NAP140 which I feel would benefit from the addition of a subwoofer. Can anyone offer a suggestion of the best/simplest way to do this with my system?

I will probably opt for a powered sub which will require a line input


What’s the rest of the system? Source and speakers? Do you have a HICAP powering the NAC72?

Aside from the .1 LFE input for AV use, most subs can take either a pre level or a high (speaker) level input, or a choice of either. For a pre level input you would need a psu on your NAC72 to give the required extra pre-out.

Nearly all HiFi subs are powered so you’ll have plenty of choice. Obviously what you really want is a proper Naim N-Sub. They do crop up on the used market, or through Naim dealers, occasionally. Otherwise Rel or BK would probably be my choice.

I would go for the high level connection taken from the speaker terminals for optimal performance with any of the subs I mentioned.

Source is either my turntable or Raspberry pi based mpd server. Speakers are Rega R1. No HiCap unfortunately.

Could i just make up an adaptor to split the signal from the 4 pin snaic cable?

No, and any such notion or discussion of SNAIC modification would breach forum AUP.

Apart from that, the Naim pre-powers don’t really like driving long interconnects - this is why Naim’s own pre level sub leads had to be slugged with a 100R resistor. Better to take a high level reference signal from the back of the terminals on your speakers and feed a suitable high level input on the sub. This usually integrates better and sounds better.


Thanks for the info. Sounds like the simplest way to go.

Can you hookup a sub to a NAP 500 via the speaker terminals?

You need to be careful here as the NAP500 is a bridged design. I believe it may be possible though as Pro Musica offered Quad ESL and sub systems driven by 500 electronics (unless they used the pre out) but don’t know the exact details of how they did it.

Just checking in to say that i’ve now integrated a sub as described above and am very happy with it. I went for the Wharfedale Diamond SW150 which was about the cheapest BNIB option I could find and is absolutely superb bang for buck! It really fills in the lower range nicely where my Rega R1s roll off.


I’d be looking for a hicap as this is very much a wide upgrade, you can run active sub out via hicap, but remaining setup will perform so much better you might not need a sub ?

What do you mean by “wide upgrade”? Surely it couldn’t make my R1s play lower?

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