Adding a sub to 202/200 setup

Want to add a sub (Velodyne SPL-800i) to 202/200 setup for movies purpose. Is that possible? If yes, how to connect ?

thanks a lot in advance.

If you have a PSU such as a Hicap for the 202, it will have a spare output that can connect to the sub via a long DIN to Phono cable.
Alternatively, you can use a high level connection from the speaker terminals.

noted thank you.

when you said high level connection from speaker terminals, are you referring to using these connectors ? Thanks.

Yes, they are the high level connections. You take a signal from both speakers.

Is there a specific name for this type of connector? I am trying to do a search and find where I could get these connectors.

In terms of sound quality, would the connection thru HICAP be much better than these high level connections?


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If my source is a DVD player with coaxial output into Naim DAC, can I connect these two RCA outputs from the DAC to the Sub directly ?

Thinking of using Velodyn or REL sub…

many thanks in advance.

No, because they are pre volume control.

Thanks Adam,

On the basis of lower cost and space (rather not getting HICAP unless I necessarily have to), Just curious to ask if the connection from HICAP would be much more superior to the high level connections from the speakers or the difference is subtle ?


The advantage of the low level connection, for you, would be that you would need to get a Hicap, which will give you a significant upgrade regardless of whether or not you use a sub, if, of course, you have the space, and the budget.
When Naim made a sub, they said that it could subjectively sound better on a high level connection.

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I tried running mine both ways, and for whatever reason, connected via the HICAP gives a rather large boost in output from the sub.

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