Adding a turntable to my Atom uniti HE

I read a lot of posts, and i find them really instructive. I am a digital purist, but reading you guys have me wonder about adding a turntable to my Atom Uniti HE | Focal Stellia duo. Mainly for jazz, classic, maybe some prog :nerd_face:. What would be the advantage of doing so? And would a turntable need speakers, or would it sound great in headphones? Thanks! :pray:

The advantage of adding a turntable is that you can play records, but before getting one ask yourself why you want to. It’s just a source and there is no more need for speakers than with any other source. It depends on whether you want to be tied to headphones for listening.


Don’t go crazy with your budget, but one of Rega’s TTs would seem ideal.

Get yourself to a good dealer, who can show you, and let you hear, what the optionss are.

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In terms of advantages was thinking more about sound or musicality, for people who owns both digital and analog source.

Yes i read a lot of good comments and reviews matching Rega P1 plus with Naim. Thanks

Bear in mind the Unitis transfer an analogue signal to digital and back again. If you already have records then I can understand the point in getting say a Rega as suggested just so you can play them, but if not I’d remain a “digital purist”.




My headphones listening is a must and i really am enjoying it. But i am also thinking of a small amp, some bookshelves, or powered speakers in a near future. Who knows where it will take me…:joy:

I’ve always enjoyed just having music on while pottering around. You can’t do that while tethered to headphones.

The whole vinyl/digital debate in terms of musicality has inspired countless debates and there is no answer. But do you want to spend £20+ per album, just to listen to what you undoubtedly have already? If you have a vinyl collection already, it’s of course a different matter.

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Thanks Lindsay. In fact i dont own any records for now. I see all kind of excellent jazz vinyls recording passing by, that are not yet turned digital. So i wonder. If the sound of vinyls would be better than its digital counterpart or not?

For listening in the house to Spotify i use a Samsung 990B soundbar kit with sub. I dont need hires to do the chores :joy:. I dont own vinyls for now. And adding a power amp and speakers is in the plan!

So much depends on the vinyl and streaming setups. To get to the level of your Atom HE you’d probably be looking at a Rega 6, which is quite a lot of money. A Rega 1 may be fun, but don’t expect it to sound as good, just because it’s vinyl.


Good to know! Thanks

I wondered about getting a TT, since I have around 50 lps in my loft from my early years in hifi.

On reflection (50 milliseconds) I decided not to bother, because of all the bother playing and the inherent weaknesses in vinyl.

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I have a turntable attached to my Atom HE. Rega P6 with an Ania Pro MC and using the Rega Aria phone stage.

With that it is consistently on par or better than the digital only source. I also get a warmer fuller sound from the vinyl path. You may prefer that over the more clinical digital or the other way around. Neither one is “wrong”.

Don’t let the fact that Uniti converts to digital and back again stop you. Naim know what they are doing. Its a high res hifi conversion on what is coming in so you still very much get the vinyl sound signature. Its not like converting something to digital destroys the sound…

But I agree with the comments above in making sure vinyl is for you. A LOT of the sound quality will be determined how you treat and care for your records. Using a record cleaning machine on every purchase and storing in anti static inner sleeves. Also making sure the needle remains clean and brushing the records before playing with an appropriate brush.

You’ll also need to have the space to place the units far enough apart to avoid interference hum in the vinyl path.

If you are ok with all of this, do go this path as it’s such a lovely tactile way to get into contact with music again. Listening whole records, turning the vinyl, making contact…

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Really good advice! Thanks a lot. I surely have a listen at my hifi dealer. They have both Naim and Rega TT.

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@Kryptos That also have a cost. When i had vinyls, long ago, i never question myself about cleaning and storage. I have to take that into consideration as well. I imagine cleaning machine comes to a price also…

Also bear in mind records wear out, as well as the stylus!

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All sorts of issues here, my I suggest this ? It’s a Technics 1500

It comes with a built in phono stage . There are some serious jazz fans on this site , and I well take your point about obscure releases

I would say it’s an entry point into vinyl , comes with cartridge , simple thing to plug and play.

I would say ideal match with an Atom HE for headphones. For speakers you will need to add an active pair i.e the amplification is in the speakers itself .


It’s a no brainer. Yes it costs some money but is a one time purchase and combined with anti static sleeves means a lot less pops and clicks in the sound and it keeps the stylus cleaner and will reduce stylus wear as well. Even brand new vinyl have a lot of stuff on that gets removed in a wash. Not to mention the record don’t cling to the sleeves or turntable mat.

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