Adding a Unitiqute2 to an existing system…

Currently very happy with the 5italic/NAT05/Rega DAC I’m using currently.

Considering replacing the DAC with a Unitiqute2 ….

Anyone else running a similar setup?

Having a headphone amp, streamer & DAC in one has its appeal, along with internet radio…

I did run a UnitiQute 1 as a source into my SuperNait for a while and it worked really well, in fact it sounded better as a source than using the internal amp.

The only issue I had was crossover operation between the remotes - there’s an instruction in the manual where you can set the UnitiQute remote to a different channel but it would never stick for me.

The atom he makes more sense (current model for a start) unless the uq is cheap.
It also makes your 5i redundant; it’s an integrated amp in effect, albeit with fewer input sockets for line in.

I once had a UQ2 + 2x Cyrus Mono X into a pair of Dynaudio Contour 3.4.
The UQ2 replaced a Cyrus DacXP+ (pre+dac) with great success, infusing PRAT into the mix.

That was 8 years ago. I still have the UQ2.

I use Unitiqute into 202/200 for FM and DAB.

I use a Uniti as a source into my 32.5/Snaps/160. What I love is that I have the option to use the remote or app to control volume and all sources. I even run my LP12 into it via a stageline.
I’ve tried a variety of boards and Dacs but the Uniti has seen everything off.

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