Adding an active sub to my system

Hi, need some help please.
I currently run a Uniti Atom connected to a NAP 200.
I have an active sub woofer (MK AUDIO KX10) and i would like to try an connect it to my stereo system.
I have read that i can`t connect this sub woofer directly to the system and that i would need to connect directly to the speakers.

How on earth will i do that? is it even possible?
I did have Rel sub once, which connected to the Uniti Atom but it was messy

Any help would be appreciated

Many thanks


I have an active sub connected to my Nova - if the Atom has a sub output you can use it. Who or what makes you think you can’t?

Hi thanks for your reply,
My speakers are not connected directly to the Uniti Atom as i have a NAP 200 Power amp, that drives the speakers, the uniti atom is just an interface.

My comment about i can`t connect to the Naim components itself comes from a forum
i quote " For a Nap 250 and small speakers you want to use the speaker/high level input to sub. With the Nap 250 , or any other older Naim amp, you must connect sub at back of speakers - not back of the amp.

I have the NAP 200, so thought i couldn`t do it, i must confress i do love my audio but i am not an expert



Hi Neil

I believe that as you are using the Atom as your pre amp then you can use the sub output on it. You could of course get a lead made up to use the high level (speaker) outputs of your amp but it may not be necessary. If you have a spare phono lead lying around it’s worth a try.
Your forum quote doesn’t make sense to me except that older Naim amps mostly didn’t have a sub output from the pre amp section.

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