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I now know how to access the FAQ for Stereo/AV setup which I wrote for the old forum. I was planning to cut and paste it to the FAQ section of the current forums (and do a couple of small edits)

Alas, the option to add a “new” FAQ is greyed out. Have the moderators made adding to the FAQ section a feature for themselves only?

Any suggestions?

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And to answer your question, normal members cannot add/modify the faq posts.

The FAQ is just for admin to add or edit. Your old AV post is still up in the Forum archive AFAIK.

Could you maybe have an admin controlled ‘User contributed FAQ’ thread there with links to the user FAQs wherever they reside on new/old forum (with/without necessary disclaimers!) if requested by users?

Would imagine it wouldn’t be a frequent request, though if someone has made an effort to produce something it might be more accessible than a search, especially as users of the new forum may not appreciate the older content.

Just a suggestion, potentially hassle for admin though.

I’m not sure how practicable or workable that would be - as you say it could potentially be an admin headache. If anybody wishes to submit something for a potential FAQ topic then best get in touch and I can judge whether it’s viable and whether to edit as I see fit or appropriate.

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Post a link in this thread so at least it’s searchable on the new platform.

That sounds entirely appropriate.

I really have no idea how many user FAQs/User Tips have been posted in the past, possibly not many unless they were frequent before I joined the old forum.

I suspect there are several real ‘gems of a post’ out there which could be very helpful to other users, but naturally up to Naim/Naim admin to decide if any of these merit highlighting.

I perhaps only made the suggestion as I’ve seen unofficial user links/resources for non-Naim products which contain a wealth of useful information that the manufacturer often doesn’t document as extensively or reliably (not suggesting that of Naim :wink: ).

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Richard, alas I don’t know how to send you a message directly, so I’m writing my request here.

Could you, or the appropriate person(s) please consider reinstating my FAQ in this new iteration of the Naim Forums. It’s less common now, but I still see the occasional request for help in setting up a system combining a stereo and AV amp. If it is, I would like to make a minor change to the FAQ itself, and delete the bit about using LARGE as the setting for the speakers other than the subwoofer. I put that bit in the original because I had tried both, and preferred the LARGE setting, and of course others may well prefer SMALL. I paste the URL of the old FAQ below to save you having to look for it again!

Thank you.

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