Adding CDX 2 XPS - Any point

I’ve stumbled across a serviced CDX 2 / XPS at a good price. I have a large CD collection and do enjoy spinning them, but I already have a decent transport (Marantz HDCD 1) into my NDX2 / XPS DR.

I’m wondering if there is any sonic benefit to adding the CDX2/XPS combo. My preference would be to run it directly from the analogue outputs into my 282 so that I can get the full benefit of the HDCD’s in my collection.

Any thoughts?


Don’t forget to set the earth switch to floating on the streamer if you do.
I tried to keep my CDX2 in the system when I got an ND555 but the ND was slightly compromised even with the earth floated. My CDX2 was an early one so no digital out.
I remember someone used to use a later CDX2 with a Naim DAC, both with outboard ps so if it’s a late one and cheap enough maybe.

I’d stick with what you’ve got. The dac and power supply on the ndx2 should be better than that on your proposed cdp.
It adds 2 large boxes to what you’ve got too. And what you’ve currently got, costs nothing.
I ran an cd5xs digital out into my ndx2 and it was great. But in the end, I just ripped my entire cd collection to nas and pulled them from that. My view was that the sound was marginally better, there was one less box, and I sold the cdp for good money.
Cdps are too last century now. And most naim ones are obsolete. I.e. unable to be supported by the OEM. There is a reason your proposed cdp is a good deal!

I wouldn’t bother - but my view of cdx2 is a bit jaundiced in that a cds2 wiped the floor with it (back in 2004)

I have a CDX2 , recently serviced and changed to digital output.

A very significant improvement

I have a CDX2 and XPS combo, although the CDX2 is retired. I bought the dual box systems and used it for years, it is very good. By chance I borrowed a Naim DAC for a weekend and moved the XPS for the trial, and it never went back. The DAC changed my listening from CD’s to streamed convenience. But having resolved to sell the CDX2 I tried it recently with the XPS (now DR’d) and have to confess I was really shocked at how good it is. It has a first class DAC built in and the XPS really raises the game. I have not made comparisons to other high end CD systems and I will sell this soon but if CD is still your preference then this is a very fine combination by any analysis, and if you have it for not too much money, what a winner. (get the XPS DR’d though)

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I have a CDX2 (earlier mech type) with an XPS (not DR). Its fine…

But - if you have an NDX2 and a CD Transport… Thats where I want to get to…!! To try to future proof, a bit more…

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