Adding Hi Cap to Supernait 2 + CDX2 combination

Hello, I realize this topic is covered before so my questions will be more succinct.
My system: CDX2.2 + hiline + Supernait 2 + NASC5 + Harbeth 7-3es (all Powerlines direct to the wall):
Impressions: Incredible synergy and sense of completeness to the sound. I have heard and owned (still own) better HiFI, BUT not better “oneness - integration - synergy - of sound”.
Questions:( I have to buy blind as there are no dealers where I live.)
1- If I add the Hi Cap, would I lose some of this seamlessly integrated sound. (I do understand that there will be benefits in soundstage, low level detail, punch and noise floor - hence I am considering the move BUT NOT if it will cost me the" seamless integration" )
2- If I add the Hi Cap, would the sound become relatively more forward (punchy) and " in your face ". (I listen at low/medium levels in the nearfield and prefer a relaxed presentation).
My Harbeths do not need any more power than what the Supernait 2 offers in stock form.
(Volume is always between 7:30 -9 - never more)
I would welcome any clearly formed opinions on this matter.
Thanking you in advance.

The Hicap will give you a more open, relaxed sound, more natural, without loosing anything. The sound will be less in your face too.

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Thank you for your reply.
There are those who prefer the SN2 bare (from comments in this forum).
Would you know what they typically find objectionable by adding the Hi Cap?

I think that most SN owners prefer the added hicap.
Ask Mike_, Seekayaker…, @Stephen Tate, …on their experience.
Personally all the Naim gear I had , be it preamp, cd player, streamer, phono stage, I always preferred with the optional ps. Globally the uplift characteristics are: more refined and analog sound, more open, better soundstage, more body, textures.

thanks again.

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