Adding hicap to 72/140 epos es14 setup

Hi folks,

Thinking of adding a hicap to nac72, nap140 and epos es14, rp8 setup. What can I expect from this addition?

I’ve been very happy with setup to date and thought next upgrade would be to speakers but these are holding up really well …

Any insights appreciated.


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Gee… its such a long time ago, that I added first a SNAPS and then a HiCap…!
My HiCap #1 is from 1986 (I have 2 HiCaps, powering my 82…).

I would Just Do It… My 2nd HiCap (which is Olive) cost me £375 from TomTom, preloved, in 2012. Probably more like £450 now. Factor in a service, which will be at least £200 (thats what I paid in 2021) and will be good to go…!

Has your 140 been serviced in the last 8 to 10 years…? If not… it should be.



Have that same combination, including ES14’s.
Please do share some picture here :+1:

Adding a HC is a nice uplift. So, would encourage you to do that.

An Olive HC would be the perfect fit for aesthetics. If you’re not so concerned about mixing different styles, the latest HCDR adds a bit more.

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Will be picking up hicap in a few weeks. I’ll be factoring in a service for all three olives when the budget allows! Maybe next year. You can see the space for the hicap in the pic.


What a treat. Thanks.

Here’s one for you …


Great pic. Speakers look in good shape. Have you ever had these serviced? I understand the rubber seals dry up over the years. Got my setup second hand two years ago and thought I might get a few years out of them before needing serious attention.

No service. Just loved and looked after :+1:

For the very good value cost of a second pair - maybe £400 - buy another pair, for spares. :wink:

Spare parts, HF diaphragms (tweeters) are available on eBay, right now.

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72/hi-cap/140 and Epos ES14 is an absolute classic and wonderful combination.
Just do it.
The Hi-Cap will improve clarity, depth and control.
Simply better.


In priority order - HiCap first, then 140. &2 could wait a bit…

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Wow… :astonished: Good info, for Epos owners…

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Sure. It’s great when rare things pop up.

Managed to bag myself some, few weeks ago. :wink:
Maybe rarer that NA326/1 link boards. LOL :joy:

When they are gone, they’re gone :person_shrugging:t2:

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So its New Old Stock - not a current/modern source then…?

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Or just old old :joy:
Never used, still boxed.

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I remember I replaced the crossover in my ES14 back then.
In fact its not a crossover but a single capacitor behind tweeter.
I went with same type of replacement capacitor as I would like to keep them as close to original as possible.
That was maybe 15+ years ago.

Even then it was a huge “upgrade” so to speak, it proves those things have a limited lifespan as they obviously dry out.

A Hicap will be a nice upgrade, so would a Nap 250, as I understand this is the amp they are developed by.


Know as NOS - New Old Stock… :expressionless:

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