Adding home cinema to my dedicated mains?

bit off hifi topic this one but wondering if anyone has added a home cimema setup to thier dedicated hifi mains without any detriment to hifi SQ

would have a seperate spur ran off the Consumer unit to seperate plug to keep if away from hifi but dont want it to detract from hifi SQ so curious if anyone else done this ?

thx mat

Not doing so will likely introduce earthing loops. You can always unplug the home cinema stuff if it interferes. I do this with the Samsung TV and the rest which is all plugged into a separate musicline extension block


Not an expert here, but FWIW as @Mtuttleb said, beware of earth loop issues. Anything connected via optical cable can be on a separate circuit, but anything connected via a metal wire, will ideally need to be on the same circuit.


I’ve had my AV amp on the normal house mains whilst my Naim system is on the dedicated mains for a couple of years now with no ground loop issues. The AV amp is connected to my 552 using an RCA - DIN cable.

I questioned my dealer when I had the dedicated mains put in and his recommendation was to keep all non Naim stuff off it.

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OK thx guys appreciate the council :slight_smile:

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