Adding Iheart Radio streams to NDX2

Hello everyone.

I am new to adding streams to my network device. Iheart Radio stream links seem problematic - the streamder does not like them (or at least some of them.) I paste the direct “play” link into Vtuner, refresh the added stations list through the phone app but play doe snot play. Happy to go off forum to provide specific examples if that helps reduce chatter.

Thanks in advance.


Could be stream format isn’t supported by the gen 1 272/NDX?

Try pasting URL into your browser and see if it works? Have you got an example…

Also iheart radio website isn’t available outside US/Canada so geolocation restrictions could be in play. I had to turn on VPN and relocate to Canada to access the website!

Hi @Vaughan

Name station of choice and I’ll let you know the url.


Steve Harris
Software Director
Naim Audio Ltd.

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