Adding Music Shares via the Naim App

Years back I had a UnitiServe but sold it due to frustrating mechanical problems. I also used MinimServer at the time on my QNAP NAS that is still in place. I created a NaimRips folder where all ripped CD’s reside. I’m demoing a Nova from my dealer and a trial of Roon which I was able to provide the pathname to NaimRips. When the old MinimServer version went caput I didn’t update and Naim App could no longer see the files in NaimRips. On the NAS there is a folder (multimedia) that has four music files the Naim App can see. I can’t see an option in the NA to allow a pathname to the NaimRips folder. Although, I can copy and paste files from NaimRips to Multimedia and play the files via the NA. I could copy/paste the entire lot of files to Multimedia but a pathname would be preferred.

I will revamp the folder structure on the NAS eventually but would like to provide the path.

Looking for a solution to get access to the NaimRips folder via the NA.

I can see the QNAPNAS and TwonkyMedia as servers and those original four files plus the few that I copy and pasted are in both.


You can’t add a Music Share via the Naim app unless it’s to a UnitiCore.

Instead you need to add it to whichever server software it is that you are running on your NAS.

Next audition (shootout) is the new 200 series vs NOVA in a week or so. I’ll see about using Twonky which is on the NAS to point to the NaimRips folder.

Thank you.

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