Adding Muso QB to Apple Homekit

New to this forum so apologies if this has been covered ( I couldn’t find it… )

All I want to do is add my Gen 1 Muso QB to my Apple Home app.

I have followed the usual method but can’t locate the QB as I try to add an accessory. Even tried 111111 in the code.

I can airplay2 directly to the QB but can’t see, or control, via the Home app.


Try to follow this guide, it looks to be valid for all airplay 2 speakers. My qb first generation was added so long ago that I do not remember how I did it:
How do I add AirPlay 2 speakers to the Apple Home app? – Bang & Olufsen Support (

Thanks Claus, That method is what I have been following but the Home App doesn’t ‘see’ the QB.
Of course the IOS and related Apps have all been updated since the B and O post.

I will keep trying.


Update. Solved.

I followed the basic same method as before but added the QB / Accessory from the My Home section on the Home App. Previously, I was trying to add the QB directly in ‘Kitchen’ ( one of the rooms I had created to add other items).

I guess when you add an ‘accessory’ the Home App want to search the whole network. Kind of makes sense but not that intuitive IMO.


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