Adding NAP155XS to XS2/FCXS


Keeping with the slimline factor, thinking of adding a NAP155XS (I have an opportunity to get this at a good price) to my existing XS2/Flatcap XS combination, using the XS2 as pre-amp.

Will this yield meaningful improvements and if so, what improvements? I understand that the NAP155XS is rated at 60wpc and the XS2 is natively 70wpc. Is that a power downgrade? I suspect that answers are not straightforward and probably highly subjective!

Many thanks for your thoughts and have a great Xmas!

I’d only get the 155 if you plan to swap the XS2 for a 152XS. You’ll get more out of a preamp improvement. The 152/FC/155 is a lovely combination.


Please don’t get too tied up in Watts. It’s all about separating the delicate signals from the chunky power signals, hence two boxes, pre and power amps.

Having gone from Nait XS, FCXS to NAC152XS, FCXS and NAP155XS, the pre power is so much more grown up.

I can easily endorse NAC152XS, FCXS and NAP155XS with both the FCXS’s outputs on the NAC152XS, if you are thinking of going that way.

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I doubt the NAP 155 will be significantly better than the power -amp section of the XS2. Different perhaps but not the best upgrade. As others have said I’d be looking for a NAC 152 and use your XS2 as a power - amp.


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