Adding NC NAP 250 to SN3. Thoughts?

I have a SN3 and NDX2 with decent power supplies. I found a pre-loved NC NAP 250 for a good price. (I did not buy it yet.) Has anyone added a NC NAP 250 to their SN3? Did it improve the SQ significantly and was it worth it? If it did improve, how?

I see this as a transition to eventually moving up into the 300 series over several years.

There is a closed thread on this subject from about a year but I think it was too early in the release of the NC series for anyone to answer affirmatively. Just wondering if anyone has gone down this upgrade path.

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I’m interested in this thread as well. For me I’m targeting the 300 series pre-amp first

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Another interesting debate with the SN3. I was thinking 250 first, then 332, then NPX 300 then the 350s. I am very happy with my NDX2 so the 333 would be last and reason I am not interested in the 222.

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Agreed. If you have a NDX2 or in my case the ND5xs2/nDac combo I think the 222 would be a sideways step. I heard it and liked it but not enough to trade in my front end.

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I would consider a ND555 over the NDX2. I jumped a great deal more than you planned from NDX2/SN3. Demoed a variety of configurations and made the mistake of listening to 500 and was then plotting how to make it work. A much bigger difference than old classic 250 or 300.

The point being the first thing I did was switch NDX2 for ND555 and the change was stunning into the SN3.