Adding Ndx2 to xpsdr 272 to 250dr and proac d40r

Am currently Running 272 xpsdr into nap250dr and proac d40r speakers and vertere cables the listening space is

a big 8 x6 metre room. Nice enough but lacks some seperation and bass is deep but could be a tad tighter. Am tempted to add ndx2 and run it into 272… has anyone Tried it ? Objective is get better source and dac . Unfortunately I cannot demo it in Dubai…

If you go for the NDX2, it would then make sense to upgrade the preamp, maybe to a 282. You would need a Hicap to power it, and this would free up your XPS, which you could either sell to fund the upgrades, or use to power the NDX2.

As Chris says, adding an NDX2 to a 272 makes little sense, and a 282 would be more logical. It’s well worth considering a 555PS for the 272, which will hugely improve its performance. You could also consider a 300 which would give more scale and drive, and better bass control. One thing you should do regardless is to rearrange the boxes so they are not stacked. The 272 needs to be separate from the power supply and amplifier and the Burndy should hang free. Having the boxes like they are is a sure fire way to make the system sound as bad as possible.


Indeed, and this problem will only get worse as you upgrade, so maybe a proper rack should be the first priority. Of course, it may be hard to do this in a way that blends in with the style of your room, but at the very least, you should aim to have a separate shelf for each box.

Hi Rojo, welcome to the Naim forum.
How is it in sunny Dubai these days, many memories for me, I go back to the time when it was just a small city, I stayed at a small hotel on the beach way out of town near to where my local guy lived, that beach is now occupied by the Burj.

Agree the previous posts, especially that it’ll probably get worse as you upgrade.
You say " … lacks some separation and bass … could be a tad tighter"
That could be caused by your room layout, the close side wall & corner on the left speaker & the very open right speaker & with no rear wall extending out to bass frequency wavelengths. If that is the case, new or better boxes won’t help.
I don’t any answer to it either, other than moving it somewhere else in the room. Keep us posted on whatever you do, success or not.

Thanks, was trying to avoid upgrading other components but might get an ndx from a friend to see if it makes a difference first.

Certainly worth a try if you have a chance to demo first in your own system. Try your XPS on the NDX too, as you have the choice of where to use it.

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Hi Rojo, I was in the same situation and decided to go with the 252 and SCDR feeding the 250DR. I am running in the 252/SCDR at the moment and using the 272 as source. Initial impression is stronger and tighter bass, wider soundstage but highs seems “veiled”. I may eventually go for the NDX2 but at the moment, I’ll wait and see/hear once the 252/SCDR settled in.

Thanks !

Thanks Mike,
That would have been the Chicago beach hotel! Am a bit limited with the placement choices and have now grudgingly been given approval to put a rack , got to be wooden and similar finish so looking for recommendations. Anyone recommend Hifi racks ?

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Thanks hh, will be looking for wooden rack in similar finish as the rest of the furniture…will be in london next week any recommendations? Fraim is too much …hifi racks or quadraspire perhaps but have read mixed reviews

I use an Isoblue rack which I bought used for a oretty reasonable price.

I wouldn’t touch Hifi Racks, which from my experience give a lumpen sound. If going for Quadraspire, the SVT bamboo is the one to go for. I had it prior to Fraim and it’s very good, though not as good as Fraim. Isoblue, mentioned above, is a fine rack.

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Unfortunately you seemed to have found out about source first maxim

The 272 as good as it is … just isn’t good enough to front 252/SC

I would only front that with an NDS or ND555


I would agree with every word of this, based on my experience of most of these racks. Hifi Racks looks nice but holds back your system.

Hutter is another good alternative (Naim used Hutter before designing FRAIM) and is made of wood too.

Best regards, BF

Thanks. A dealer in london has a preloved nds and am wondering if that plus xpsdr as source through 272 preamp to the 250 would be a good solution? I am trying it out tomorrow. And also looking for isoblue rack

Yes that’s a very good solution !

Hi Rojo
How did your trial of the NDS and XPS go?

Hi Jimdog
Unfortunately the difference was marginal probably due to running it through the preamp section of 272.
Tested the following

  1. Xpsdr and 272 plus 250dr through focal speakers
  2. Xpsdr and nds through 272 preamp
    Now looking at racks only.

Hi Rojo
Thanks for letting me know this.
So the NDS gave only a marginal SQ upgrade on the 272’s streamer/DAC.
One thing to consider is that a test in a dealer’s listening room can be underwhelming and mask changes because the system is often not tuned properly and because one’s ears are not attuned to that room.
If you are going to keep the 272, I’d consider trying a 555DR with it (it worked wonders for me).
Rack is a very good idea too - I have a Quadraspire, which works well in my room.
Are you able to say (now or later on) which dealer you were at? e.g. was it Tom Tom?