Adding new station in iradio

How do I add for example Groove Salad to my presets?
I’ve tried searching using the filter at the top for Groove Salad and Soma FM but don’t get any matches
Perhaps I am misunderstanding how the filter function is working in this instance
How many presets can I have for a NAC272?

Do you mean Soma FM Groove Salad?
United States - Ambient?
I just did a search by tapping “Internet Radio” then tapped the “magnifying glass” in the top right of the app, then typed in “Groove Salad” and it came up for me immediately.
Once it’s playing, tap the “now playing” area at the bottom of the screen and then tap the * (star) to add as a favourite.
That’s using an NDX2, which may differ from a NAC272.

Yes I do mean Soma FM Groove Salad
I don’t see a magnifying glass on either my tablet or mobile device
I am using app version 2.19.2 (latest?) on both devices
Am I perhaps missing something?
I have however found the station by going to Genre/Ambient/US
When I play it the star icon appears and I can tap it and it appears to store in favourites
I still do not know where my search icon has disappeared to though!

Your ‘new’ platform NDX2 definitely works differently to the ‘old’ platform 272. The global search function on the new platform works across iRadio stations, Tidal etc. For the old platform, search typically only looks at Tidal (if you subscribe). There is a search within some options under iRadio, but I couldn’t get this to find Groove Salad.

Just to clarify I have a 272 and MuSo 1st Gen
How is one supposed to do a search for a particular station when nothing is known about it, e.g. location, genre etc?

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Not sure you can! You’d have to google it to see where they’re based then go via location I think. (Or ask the knowledgeable folks on this forum.)

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I just checked on my own Muso QB1 and it doesn’t show the same search / filter icon :frowning:
You asked how does one search for a station if you don’t know the location or genre. How would you know about ANY station? Surely, if you’re looking for BBC Radio 3 (for example) you’d know it was UK based.
I sometimes listen to WSFM in Australia. I used to listen on FM. Now I have added it to my QB’s by searching for Australia and filtering from there.
Genre can be misleading as although I consider WSFM as being “Oldies”, it shows as “Classic Rock”. WSFM also only streams at 50kbps which is terrible rubbish.

Well if you want R3 you look in the BBC Radio section! Otherwise a quick Google search of the station should reveal its geographical location.

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Hi @robgr

On the green screen products if a radio station is potentially buried deep inside the vtuner directory go to here and do a search:

Enter search of choice - eg. Wsfm as mentioned by another user. It can be found in Location->Oceania->Australia->oldies/classic rock

Once playing on the product hit the fav star on the now playing screen and save it as a preset.

It’s pretty rare when a station needs to be manually added. The trick is navigating the directory as it’s sheer scale can be overwhelming.




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