Adding UnitiLite as a source to SN3

I purchased a Supernait 3 earlier this month and this week a friend let me have their UnitiLite. I was hoping to pair them and use the UnitiLite as a CD Player/Streamer source running off of the Supernait3. Is this possible? If so how do I hook it up? I’m a relative novice at this sort of thing. Cheers.

The Unitilite doesn’t have Line Out but it does have a Pre Out, so you could connect it via a 4-5 interconnect to one of the Unity Gain inputs on the SN3 (be sure to switch on Unity Gain) where the Unitlite will control volume and the Supernait will be the power amp.

Adding images to that;
Here’s the unitlite 4 pin din output.

And here’s the av input with av bypass switch on the left. The bypass switch means the input skips the preamp and goes direct to the power amp stage, so the unitlite volume control would govern how loud it is.