Adjusting Linn Ekos VTA

Is it just a matter of loosening the arm collar screw a bit and raising/lowering? Any special tools needed?

My searches all turn up old Linn site answers which can no longer be accessed.

That’s it and the most effective VTA alignment was by my dealer when he set my Kandid up - 180 gm lp on top of which was pencil which he aligned with the bottom of the arm. A bit hair shirt but it worked. Just make sure that you have the correct sized key.

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Thanks - Is it an Allen key? My LP12 is in a dark spot currently so difficult to check visually without moving it.

Basically want to try a different thicker mat, something I’ve intended to do for years.

Allen key yes - just make sure it’s the right size and as memory serves there’s a groove in the arm pillar into which the tip of the bolt locates.

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Well looks as though I may not have to - I thought the arm was pretty parallel to the vinyl visually, just swapped mats and used a stack of plastic cards on the LP under the arm at a couple of points and I think it’s more level with a thicker mat!

180g might complicate it a little.

Will you need to adjust the tracking weight?

Be careful you don’t damage anything; It might be “Linn Tight” ™

Please note that VTA change can upset the suspension via tonearm cable.

Possibly - you’d think it would remain the same, but the slightly different angle might affect it sonically.

Thanks - hadn’t though of that - I think I’ll leave well alone as the arm seems quite parallel to the vinyl with the thicker mat, visually it looked fine with the thinner one but not when I actually ‘measure’ it. If I like and stick with the thicker mat I’ll get things checked when I service it next.

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I’m going to chicken out for now! :flushed:

I ought to check the pillar on my old Akito to check that wasn’t crushed!

Remove platter, chock inner platter with some folded card or remove it. Avoid twisting the suspension by placing one hand on armboard with fingers either side of arm collar and carefully loosen the allen screw. Leave it just finger tight enough to stop the arm pillar from dropping. Remove chocks or replace inner platter and outer platter. Carefully adjust VTA, repeat remove outer platter, chock inner platter etc, tighten allen screw. I dont hold with “Linn Tight” just tight enough is fine to avoid tears.

In any case with an LP12 I think VTA is not as vital as some would have it. As long as the arm is parallel to the record surface when playing a record and it sounds good then it is.

As with Bias setting, there is inevitably a degree of compromise as record’s vary in thickness and are rarely perfectly flat.

Also, raising/lowering the arm at the collar only makes very small changes to VTA at the point of contact between stylus and groove. With a properly designed and manufactured cartridge, unless the manufacturer states otherwise, VTA should be correct with tonearm parallel.


Great description - thanks.

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