Advertising in the Naim app

I 'm not averse to the Naim app being used to provide information, but a message icon popping up that (when tapped on) opens up an advertisement for the new Nova PE wasn’t really what I expected of Naim…


You made me curious and had it as well.

What’s even worse is just noticed that it is a non secure link. Over http and not https. That is pretty bad form.

It’s not sending any data so it doesn’t matter.

It’s been on every instance of the app that I’ve got running…

That may the case but it’s bad practice in web at the moment and most browsers are starting to block http links.


I also saw the envelope icon and thought maybe it was a notification about a software update for my SuperUniti or (worse!) a discontinuing of app support for it. Instead… an ad for the Nova PE.

Not impressed to say the least.

The Naim app has until now been an example of how to do things right. Clear, simple, no fuss, no waffle, no “did you know?” pop ups, no “Sign in with Naim”, no ads for Focal or Naim stuff. How long until we’re forced to watch a video ad for some Focal product before I can switch inputs? :rofl:

Seriously, not impressed and would respectfully ask Naim not to try that again.


Yuck. Icon certainly doesn’t suggest it’s an advert

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I think it does matter. The app should only do what it’s purported to do - i.e. what it says here Naim Audio App | Apps for Music.

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I think it’s fairly standard for a company to tell its users about a new product. You click on the envelope and it’s gone; it’s hardly persistent or intrusive.

In fact one might say quite useful so long as it’s not overdone.

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This seems to me to be about as low key as advertising can get. Perhaps it would have attracted less criticism if it had been promoting the New Classics or a new Nait than it did with a Nova PE ad!