Adverts appearing halfway through tracks on internet radio

Hi guys,

We have a Qb in the kitchen and we mainly listen to our local radio station.

Normally, when first tuning in, first thing in the morning, we get some random ad.

Now, a couple of times during the day, the music will stop dead and a random advert will be played for a few seconds, and then the station will come back.

Considering they are commercial stations, they get some of their revenue from selling airtime, so why do i get a random advert as well?

Anyone else have this?

Probably because the stations you choose derive more revenue to fund the streaming costs from the additional ads. Does it happen if you go to something like the BBC or Linn Radio which don’t have adverts?


No, doesn’t happen with non commercial stations.

Interestingly, i haven’t heard it over the last week or so, but it may be that i just missed it.

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