Advice / explanation Node X (Output level fixed setting) to Nait 5si

Hi Naim community,

Since a couple of weeks I’m enjoying the Bluesound Node X / Naim Nait 5si combo very much. The usabiliy of the setup is great. The eARC input on the Node X is great also for volume control towards the Node X.

But heaving read the internets, can somebody please explain to me the difference and or benefit sound quality wise of putting the Node X to have the “Output level fixed”.

My reasoning would be that the Node X by itself has a pre-amp and you read online that pre-amp on pre-amp isn’t a good idea. But in all honesty, I cannot tell the difference in sound quality between the having “Output level fixed” on (using the Nait 5si volume controls) or off (having the Nait 5si volume control at a fixed setting) and using the Node X for volume control.

Thank you.

Output level fixed makes the node like a CD player in that it gives a line level signal to the Nait 5si. If you have other sources you’ll want to do this because other sources may not have volume control.

Node is most likely a digital volume control so theoretically you “lose” sound quality the lower you turn it down. Many have reported not to notice a difference at all in real world listening.

Its your system. You paid for it. Listen how you want. If you enjoy it keep doing it. If you find the sound lacking first thing I would do is set it to fixed and use the Nait volume, before I did something like buy an upgraded DAC.


If you want to use Node X as Pre-Amp, then use Nait 5si as power amp, by using AV bypass, you can bypass volume control on Nait 5si.

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