Advice for my next upgrade

Hello community. I’ve got a green light for an upgrade and I would like your advice on the purchase.

Current setup: Oppo BDP105D Universal Disc Player Transport\nDAC\Supernait 3.

My choices are a New Hicap DR for the Supernait 3 or a Pre-Loved XPS 2 non DR for the nDac. Which component will is the best move forward?

I reckon the XPS2 is the way to go here. However, note that it may well need a service if it has not been done in the last 8-10 years. Also, make sure it comes with the Burndy - the earliest ones came with a black XPS Burndy, however this was then upgraded to the black S-XPS Burndy, which is an improvement.


With Richard on this one

The way to go

Mr. Dane, Bevo - Thank you for your guidance.
The XPS2 non DR does include the Burndy Cable.
I will need to negotiate a better deal with the vendor knowing the unit needs a refresh.
The build date shows 2002.

I will reach out to my service center for a general cost analysis for the refresh. Unfortunately it’s currently a sellers market on good pre-loved Naim kit. The purchase price and refresh may be cost prohibited.

Kind regards

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