Advice on best digital Streamer

Hi Currently I have N17079 Z180 Hi Cap and Stageline, NAPSC-2 , NAP200 and NAC202 Combo blis Kudos speakers…

Thinking of a digital streamer to integrate, just after ideas what thou guys might think I should look at…aware depends on budget… is NDX 2 the best spec box ?

Hi, an NDX2 would be a great match for your system. Like your amp, Naim streamers have a range of upgrade options.
The NDX2 can be upgraded with an XPS or 555 power supply. Alternatively you can upgrade the DAC on any Naim streamer, either with a Naim NDAC (now discontinued) or a non-Naim DAC. If you choose this route, the cheaper ND5XS2 would be a good choice. If you’re feeling flush there’s also the ND555, or the new 333.
If you want to keep it simple and just get a single box streamer, forget the above and just go for the NDX2.

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Chris,thanks a lot much appreciated. I have a decent shop 10 mins away from me in South London so will discuss with them…