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So after a number of different demos (NAP 500 DR & NAC 552, CH Precision I1, dCS Bartok etc), I have taken the plunge and invested in the new NSS 333, NAC 332 and NAP350. My dealer offered me a great trade in and I managed to pick up 2x NPX300 ex-demo. My new system is plugged into a pair of Perlisten S5Ts, in white, which I just love. My question for the forum is what speaker cables, power block and power leads would people recommend? I was considering sticking with Chord, so ChordMusic speaker cable, a Chord PowerHaus M6 and Chord EPIC power cables for the 4 boxes, does that make sense and are there any other options I should consider?


Anything that can carry 35 plus amps. 6mm squared to 10mm squared cross-sectional area. This does not include the insulation. Big and heavy. Going by Google, you will require 8 gauge. The manufacturer I can not recommend as this is out of my knowledge. Expensive silver plated might be a starting point. As your amplifier is capable of 610 watts into 2 ohms.

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Welcome to the forum.
As owner of new NC kit last year, I would suggest the following. Use all connections and power that come in the Naim boxes + your existing speaker cable.
Connect, leave on as much as possible, listening over a minimum of three months. Get used to your new system as it develops and comes further on song.
Then change just one aspect, mains cables possibly the easiest, try for a month and then switch back, keeping notes throughout and decide your preference.
Only then change another aspect; maybe dealer can lend some alternatives - keep open mind (ears).
The forum is a great resource, but you may get led astray.
Best idea is to listen - perhaps stay away from the forum, its your system and most importantly your ears! If you are inquisitive, lots has been covered in various threads, so try search. Maybe start with your speakers in the serach and see who has similar and what their system is?

edit - bear in mind your existing speaker position(s) may require slight adjustment with new electronics, your dealer should be able to help.


Excellent advice @sound-hound , very concise and informative.

@Jayre1 , your system is excellent. It is the same as mine with the exception of the speakers. However, I only had one NPX300 which I attached to the 332. I had my system last November and play music every day for at least a few hours. I am well used to the sound and bought another NPX300 yesterday which is now attached to the 333 giving a full 6 box system.

I waited this long to ensure proper burn in and allowing myself ample time to familiarise myself with the sound. My chord epic speaker cable and Kudos 606 speakers have remained the same - I will not consider changing them.

I will be trialling a Puritan PSM156 mains conditioner in a few weeks which will be my final change if it proves beneficial.

The 300 system is so good that I am getting so much more enjoyment from my music collection. There are no issues that I need to address (except mains hum - hence the 156) so I am content!

Good luck with your new system and enjoy your music.


Thank @Bjm looks like we both bought NPX300 y’day by coincidence. My excellent dealer was poised to list his ex-dem - swift negotiation and it will join my 2 series system in the kitchen/diner.
Recently acquired s/h 606s as part of av upgrade - shoot out when NPX arrives between 250DR, 300DR and NC250 all on 222. Just interested to assess the different characteristics.
Snaxo for 606s arriving next month - likely will take them active - more boxes haha!
Apologies to op for thread drift.


Yes another recommendation for @sound-hound’s advice, I’m doing the same, resisting trying anything like different cables etc until everything has settled in and I’m used to the sound.

Welcome to the forum, another previous 282/250 owner here :slightly_smiling_face:


I moved from the NDX2, NAP 300 DR and NAC 252 with a SC and XPS, which I enjoyed tremendously. Initially on auditioning the NC I wasn’t blown away on the dealer demo, and I listened vs the 500 series and dCS, CH Precision and also the Griffin Diablo. I ended up going back for a few demos with different set ups. After quite a few weekends and considering the cost I felt the NC provided the right amount of power, base and detail for what I wanted. Interestingly I found the Bartock and CH Precision provided more detail but less musicality than NC and more suited to classical listening, the 500 had more capability and raw power but the NC just had a richer sound to me, particularly on vocals. The Griffin made my ears ache after an hour of listening, very impressive system for the price but the music gained in volume and detail but lost a certain something from my perspective, just felt too aggressive to my ears. It’s an interesting exercise in madness as at these levels the systems are all excellent, it’s just a matter of budget and personal taste and tbh I’ve found the speaker selection the hardest thing to get right. Now just need to sort the cabling!

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Not come across PSM so will definitely demo - many thanks!

Wow, you certainly did your homework across many brands before making your decision!

I have responded to you in another thread concerning cables and how I wouldn’t consider changing mine or exploring anything else - you are obviously in a different league from the perspective of listening to many different options, so please feel free to ignore that response!

Yes, that is the only change that I would consider. If it works great, if not then I will just leave all as is for the foreseeable future. I really do not want to go down the expensive mains block rabbit hole!

Well Said.

Use The Naim Cables.

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Here’s my advice, use what you have and enjoy the music. The NC doesn’t require all the fiddling.


A further thought, from me.

If you bought a new car, would you - straightaway - change the wheels and seats…?

No…? So… why think about changing the cables on your new Naim Hifi… :thinking:

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Which items are humming? I’d be interested to hear your thoughts on the Puritan.

The 350s and to a lesser extent the NPXs. Also, the 333 and 332 without NPX. I will post my findings in a few weeks once I receive it.


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