Advice on new Nas for Qobuz use with NDS

Hello, need some advice please before I make a purchase to avoid getting anything wrong.
I’m currently using a Synology 212+ running DSM 6 and Bubble upnp to allow me to stream Qobuz into my NDS. I’m not computer proficient but I somehow managed to get it to run using some guides.
Now I understand that the 212+ will not recieve security updates from this year so if I want to continue using Qobuz in this way I’ll need to change NAS.
At this point I’ll add that I would very much prefer keeping this type of setup because I don’t want to invest any further in other hardware (new streamer, PC, Apple etc).

I suppose being used to Synology I’d consider staying with the brand but if there are other NAS devices that integrate Bubble easier please let me know.
So I’ve read that Bubble doesn’t work with DSM 7 and I would need something called a Docker installed. Is that correct and is the Docker/Bubble installation reasonably easy to do?
Do I need any particular NAS specifications to get it to function?
Anything else I need to know?
Thanks in advance for any help,

Hi Spud, I have a slightly later Synology 216 with DSM 7. I normally use a Melco for streaming to my NDS but as my music is backed up to the synology I just tried using BubbleUPNP (on my tablet or phone) to play to the NDS and it worked fine with no extra software. I think docker is only needed if you are using bubbleUPNP server on the Synology?? Others might be able to confirm (or rubbish as appropriate)

I should add that my Synology uses the inbuilt Media Server, which is an install and forget operation, rather than trying to use BubbleUPNP’s server software

It’s from much later this year, October 1 2024. And it’s only that they won’t get security updates after that.

I suspect your Qobuz habits will be of no interest to anybody.

So there’s no rush to do anything.

Could you buy a new Synology caddy (DS223 ?) and move your existing drives over?

You could buy a Primare NP5 MK2 streamer for under £500. Connects to the digital input of your NDS, (the NP5 doesn’t have a DAC).
Forum members have done this to increase functionality of legacy Naim streamers and found it also improved sound quality.

I use one feeding an ndac. Very pleased with the SQ, but not so impressed with the Primare app. I prefer to stream using the qobuz app/Chromecast.

I’m not particularly network-savvy, but I set up Bubble UPnP server to run in Docker on my Synology DS220+ without problems. As with so many computery things it’s largely a matter of following the instructions carefully and precisely. So if you do get a new Synology NAS at some point I wouldn’t worry too much about running Bubble on it.


Thanks for your feedback guys, it’s much appreciated. Sorry I haven’t been able to get back sooner but had some unexpected problems to sort out.
Roger, that’s great to hear will probably go down that route if I need to change the NAS. Pretty happy with the current functionality and sound and don’t want to add new boxes for now.

Thanks David, that’s my situation too. I’m not ot at all savvy with networks but wouldn’t the security updates be important?

Yes a new caddy is what I’m looking at if I need to change the NAS. The new ones need DSM7 at least from what I understand so Bubble upnp needs a slightly different work around to be loaded on the NAS I believe.

Are these security updates not only needed when you want access to your Synology over internet? As long as your Synology runs on your local network behind a well protected modem/router, I personally do not worry about the security of my Synology 214. My modem/router will protect my local network including my Synology from attacks from outside.
That’s how I look at it (and I hope I’m correct).

Hi Maarten, I’ll need to find out if the NAS is protected. Just a thought but isn’t the fact that I need it to access Qobuz meaning it’s linked to internet and thus susceptible? As I say not my field.

Yes, if you are running Bubble on the NAS for Qobuz, it requires internet access.

It was not his question, HH. I understood that as it’s indeed connected to internet, it’s susceptible to attacks. He worries about security problems.
Personally I would not care.

Thanks guys. Is there a reason you wouldn’t worry about the security FR?

Personally I have no anti virus on my pc. And on this forum, I have never read people complaining about security problems with their Nas.
But I may be wrong.

I run bubbleupnp on a raspberry pi to get Qobuz working for my nds. I then use the Linn app on my iPhone to search and play music. This solution is cost effective, discrete, low energy and no cooling fans.

That sounds interesting. I’ve seen it mentioned a few times in threads. Had a look at it and can’t figure out how it works and what needs to be done to get it to work. Could you please explain what you did and how it’s integrated into you system?
Thanks Spud

Guides on how to build a Raspberry Pi are on the Raspberry Pi site, then it’s an easy install of bubbleupnp by following the guide on the bubblesoftapps website under the section Linux install. Once installed you can configure bubbleupnp to create an openhome renderer for your nds.

Thanks will look into it. Just a quick question though. Does the RPi function as a transport type device in that it’s directly connected to the NDS or is a network device in that it just needs to be plugged into the switch and the NDS gets the Qubuz stream through the ethernet connection?

BubbleUPnP Server is used as a ‘proxy server’ so it takes a stream from Qobuz, Tidal, or a local NAS drive, buffers it, and sends it to your streamer as if it was locally stored music playing over your network. So no, you are not bypassing the streamer and connecting to the DAC.

This applies regardless of the hardware on which you run Bubble. In addition to a RPi, you can run it on pretty much any Mac, PC, Synology or QNAP NAS.