Advice please

Hi - I have NDX2, XPS DR, 282, 2 x HICAP DR, 250 DR - its a lot of boxes (I used to have 272, XPS and 250). So was wondering if the new models could a) be an upgrade and/or b) reduce box count…

eg NSS333, NAC332, NAP250.

With or without a PSU on the 333 and 332?

Thanks for any advice.


I had a DAC/XPS/252/SCDR/300 6 boxes.
The 222/300/250 is a bit more detailed and controlled in sound but has an amazing open stage and space between instruments. Simpler to use and set up. Good support, power lines etc as ever with Naim, but I don’t think you will find it a downgrade. Listen to a demo.

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(a) Maybe… :neutral_face:
(b) Yes… :slightly_smiling_face:

Go Directly To Your Naim Dealer. Do Not Pass Go, but Do Collect £???.. :crazy_face:

PS. I have - CDX2-XPS/82-HC-HC/250 - which is 6 boxes… Not A Problem.

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Wouldn’t give up my 282/2xHCDR/300 for NC.
I tested some NC products and have heard a full 300 system a couple of times and still prefer the sound signature of my existing OC system.
YMMV…of course😉


If money is really burning, I’d step one box up to Nap 350x2.

Based on a totally different thread, …requesting advice and what doesn’t happen…, let’s hope this one doesn’t stall.

First mathiourose, your profile isn’t complete 'cos we have no idea of speakers. If you have speakers which will do justice to NC kit, choices will be simpler. Also, for this type of question, ancillaries (see below, matter).
Next a couple of questions. Is anything broken, not to your liking? You just fancy new shiny boxes or you wish to spend serious money - no budget mentioned mind? Reducing box count - not in Naim land, unless Uniti.

OC kit including yours isn’t broken and can be serviced at the right time. NC is an evolution rather than a revolution, so vfm plays a role.
I have NSC222 + NC250 in a second system. Very pleased; deliberate decision in difficult listening environment, for which Nova came up short (retained in another room).

I have compared at home NSC222 + NPX with NAP250DR (very new), NC 250 and NAP300DR. That’s the hierarchy I would assign, ymmv.
I have been at dealer demo with 300 series, see my report thread. Excellent combo, without question.
First to consider, some peps have mixed, others believe best to stick with OC or NC. So your first option for not v much outlay, 252 + SCDR, three out, two in - a win? [There are still the odd sealed boxes lurking if you look hard at mega reduced bucks]. Edit - same applies to 300DR, a number of recent builds around, at attractive prices - use a dealer and audition likely available for both.
Second NC, then 333 + 332 + NC350. would be the first option, four boxes - a win? That should be a strong contender - audition a must !!
Third, just blow the budget, add one or even two NPX to option 2.
Sit back, enjoy making sure its all on a Fraim, cables sorted - nothing non standard or fancy, except powerlines and dedicated mains should be in the final mix.

If box count is the issue a Nova PE

I’ll get my coat, change my name , buy an invisibility cloak before the wrath of the community comes looking for me with pitchforks, torches etc sounding like the chorus of The Phantom Of The Opera in the closing scenes

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WOW! Who knew you were so into melodrama Ian…:rofl:

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Thanks for your time - I have Kudos C2s - happy with them - some may say I should upgrade them first.

I call it self preservation …


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Speakers are probably the last thing I would change

Funny old game this hifi hobby. What you’ve described is the polar opposite of my experience.

I felt my 252DR/300DR was far more musical with greater sublety and control, allowing me to lose myself in the music, whereas I felt the 222/300/250 was big and bold and pushing the music at me. Perhaps it’s similar to why some prefer 282 to 252.

I suppose it’s down to us all liking like our music presented in a certain way.