Advice please

My set up is
Nait 5
2x Nap 150
I’m looking for some advice on an upgrade as i would like to listen to DAB/FM and possibly stream some music.
So here’s the question do I replace the Nait 5 and CD5 for a NAC 172xs or do I keep them and add Unitiqute 2?
looking forward to the reply’s

Uniti Atom perhaps?
What speakers are you driving, what is the size/shape of listening space?

I’m running two pairs of old but sweet B&W DM4s and the room size is 6m x 5m

Given your system and a desire to add new music services, I’d personally avoid both the products you suggest. Move on the system you have and start afresh with current generation hardware.
Both the NAC N-172 and Unitiqute 2 are discontinued products that utilise the older generation of streaming subsystem. They’ll have limited scope over time and updates to features on them are already sporadic and more a courtesy than anything else.
You could also consider a similar system to what you have like a NAIT XS (an original one or a XS 2 for example) and an ND5 XS 2.
I’ve owned a NAIT 5, and both versions of the ND5 as well as a NAIT XS and a NAIT XS 2 and they will give you a leap up from where you are today.
A lot of what is possible depends on budget to be honest.
If you can have a listen to either an Atom or an ND5 XS 2 driven by a similar level of NAIT to your 5 (I’d think a NAIT XS makes sense, any of the 3 versions of it depending on your budget) I’d expect you’d find those systems favourable and would likely work out well in your setting.
Your speakers will be easy for any of those amps to drive. If you want everything in one box that looks as good as it sounds the Atom is a good start, beyond that, the NAIT XS, especially the XS 2 is great value and when paired with a ND5 XS 2 gives a step up and options for tweaking not possible on the Atom.

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I am very happy with my 172XS purchased last month.

Just be aware that the Nac N-272 won’t accept the new software upgrade that includes the improved version of the Naim app, and the embedded Qobuz link. I’ve had to consider some different options because of that.


Sorry, I just noticed that you were mentioning the 172 not the 272.
Please disregard.


Glad it’s working well… I always felt and wrote on the older forum that the 172 hit above its weight… and really sounded wonderful with the NAP300, albeit possibly an unlikely combo…
But anyone thinking of getting a 172 must understand its options are very limited going forward … and if one is only going to be focussing on home UPnP and web radio then it will be fine… however in the area of music distribution there is much happening beyond this at the moment.

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Thanks for the reply’s, there’s a lot for me to think about. Can I just throw the HDX into the mix as well?

The HDX is a good option if you want to rip your CDs instead of keeping a CD player. I’d say it’s comparable to an NDX in terms of sound quality (and upgradeable with external PSUs in future if you wanted.) However, it does not support Tidal or any other online streaming services, and although it has internet radio, it does not support the higher quality BBC stations that the Naim streamers do.
A potential bargain if you want to rip and play your CD collection, but remember that there are some old ones around, and you may want to factor in the cost of getting Naim to service it.

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