Advice Requested: NAS Server and NSC 222

I am looking for some general advice about acquiring and setting up a NAS with my NSC. The NAS will be used for music but also as a backup for my computers/photos. In the past I have had good luck with an older 2 bay Synology NAS so I am thinking of buying a new Synology 4 bay NAS although I am a bit confused about which one, either the 423+ or 923+. It seems that the 423+ is more multimedia oriented and has a processor with onboard graphics but I don’t know if this is really needed if I am not using the NAS for videos. The 923+ is faster and somewhat more flexible but the processor does not have onboard graphics. Any advice would be much appreciated.

If you’re definitely not concerned with any form of video serving, then I would go for the 923+ for sure….the embedded graphics, which only really features on a couple of the lower end Synology units now, only really comes in to use if you’re using a video server such as Plex and in particular when you’re Transcoding video files (down sampling/up sampling video resolution from original format) ……For Audio use and pretty much anything typically day-to-day, you don’t really need embedded graphics on a NAS……Faster processor, additional RAM, increased LAN speed and SSD/Cache will all make for a more responsive machine, though a lot really depends on what other duties you’d like/require from the NAS……

A decent source for reviews and guidance re all things NAS is ……


For audio use, the most basic entry level Synology or QNAP NAS is all you need. Stick a decent UPnP server on it such as Asset if you find the bundled Synology media server too basic for your needs.

If you need more RAM, more discs for RAID or whatever, for non-audio use, get whatever you require, but don’t spend more money thinking that it will improve its ability to serve music files.

Thanks so much everyone. I believe you are all confirming what I had anticipated which is for music either would work fine and so it comes down to what’s best for my other storage needs.

Is there somewhere I can find out more about how to setup a NAS with the NSC 222? The manual doesn’t really say anything and I don’t know anything about Plex,Assett, etc.

Thanks again for all your help

As long as you have a music server as others have described, the NSC222 will stream from your NAS.
If your computer et al can see your NAS once installed, it is a simple case of adding the music server and pointing it at your music files.
I posted a thread as to which of QAP and Synology was the preferred unit, a year or so ago. No clear answer and I still have yet to replace my ageing QNAP - currently updating my av system.

edit - if you are unsure, then look at youtube for videos on NAS setup and buy the make that you found easiest to follow in the vid…just a thought!

Others have already said it. Get a synology and asset. 2 bay will do. My 218 does me fine to serve music, movies, act as a back up etc.
Intrestingly, when i load a usb stick with reasonably organised folders and files into my bluos Node, it does a much better job of pulling the mysic odd the usb than the naim. Almost to the point of not needing the nas/asset.

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