Advice Sought for System Balance

Goal; to have a relatively balanced system which is focused on Lp records and obtain affordable improvements. I have LP 12, Karousel, Kore, Lingo 4, Ittok 3, Dynavector 20 x L, Supernait 2, Stageline S with Revel F 35 speakers. I enjoy its music, but I want to see if there is a reasonable vfm upgrade to improve performance.

My dilemma is in the States a new HiCap DR is $3,000 with snaic and a Superline is $4,600. Ouch. There is no real second hand market for Naim products here.

Suggestions welcome on vfm upgrades, thanks.

How about Dynavector P75 Mk4, a very nice upgrade over the stageline in my opinion for not too much money.

Graham, thank you. That makes sense. It is a shame that there is nothing between Stageline and Superline.

Yes is a pity, did try a hi-cap on stageline when I had mine but did not like it at all.
My dealer lent me his Dynavector, as soon as I got it home and switched it on Mrs G said well that’s not going back… who was I to argue. Played around with a few cables and found that the Naim Lavender RCA to Din worked the best.
My deck is a similar spec to yours apart from Lingo 2 and Ekos 1.5 arm and into supernait 2 so well worth a listen.

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