AFDDs - Arc fault detection devices - and sound quality

These devices, which are a relatively new safety circuit breaker aimed at preventing fires caused by a certain type of electrical fault, are now creeping into new mains electrical installations in UK, though I believe not (yet) mandatory.

Anyone have any experience or otherwise know if they have an adverse effect on sound quality?

The IEE wiring regulations are not applied retrospectively to existing electrical installtions.
Please find attached information from the IET web site.

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Thanks for response.

I’m aware of that - however if someone has any major electrical work done in their property they may find the electrician will not issue a certificate without updating the consumer unit if not to 18th edition spec, and may be pushed into having one with AFDD even though I believe only advisory not a legal requirement.

My raising of the question was prompted through a consideration of changing my consumer unit, for which I would need to decide whether or not to choose one with an AFDD, hence exploring whether there is anything adverse.


It depends on the meaning of “major work” as all things are relative.
We have buildings in our property portfolio from the 50s and 60s with distribution boards from that time and I do not ask for them to be replaced everytime the electrical installation is altered in the building. The only time I do this is if the work is of such an extent it makes economic sense to do so.
At the end of the day it is all about risk assessment.
As for SQ I would doubt anybody would know. AFFDDs are still new, I have yet to see one be installed.


Re replacing consumer unit, I know it is up to the electrician, at least unless the customer is sufficiently savvy to argue the case: my observation is because I know people who have had that happen to them - even with units only 20 years or so old!

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