Afraid to Upgrade

Anyone else reached that point? Afraid to rock the boat, unsettle the balance. It’s a strange but welcome feeling after an acute bout of upgraditis. Feeling nothing but contentment with the sound for the first time and it’s a great feeling. I had planned to upgrade my speakers, the final piece of the jigsaw. But it feels like the puzzle is already complete.

For now…


Hi @Stu299, looking at your current system you have it all.

It’s time to relax for a few years and enjoy what you have. Otherwise you end of upgrading for the sake of it.

Yes, you can upgrade speakers and go 552 and 500 and so on.

There will never be a final piece of the jigsaw. Like life it grows and changes, or sometimes goes retrograde!


It’s really awesome that you are happy and if you are happy then obviously you don’t need to do anything.

Personally I think your speakers are severely under priced compared to the rest of the system. If you want to stick with bookshelf then that’s personal choice but at the price bracket that your speakers sit at the crossover, driver and cabinet quality will be the limiting factor.

I have the opposite. My speakers outclass my uniti Atom. I will upgrade in time. I decided to start with the best speakers that i could afford so I know that I am getting the absolute most out of every penny spent on electronics.


Great advice Dan. Time to get off the hamster wheel and smell the roses. It’s all too easy to keep lusting after the next upgrade and never really appreciate what we have in front of us right now.

I’m sure the bug will bite again at some point tho :grimacing:

Personally, I found that at one point I was fixated on it all. Every change was an improvement, but now I look at it as that is the system that I have. It sounds great so leave it alone for a good while.

It’s a hobby that we share and it’s important to focus on enjoying and listening to the music.


You always think you have it all, until you go hear something better.
The motto is don’t go looking lol


I’m sure you’re right Mark, I was very keen to try some Kudos 606 and I bet they’d make a huge difference. But right now the system sounds great to my ears, and it’s nice to know my next move is ready and waiting when the itch strikes.


Yeah and in my case stop reading the 552 thread :grimacing:


I agree. We should definitely give plenty of time between upgrades. Although I think balance is what we should strive for in the long run so we know that we haven’t wasted huge amounts of money somewhere.

The increase in performance that I have experienced even just with an Atom is really insane. Going from a standard 6”+ 1” floor stander to a large 12” + 6” + 1” then my current and probably my end game speaker - 1” + 6” + 8” + (12” active) I can say that speaker upgrades aren’t trivial.

However, that being said, each upgrade has also resulted in the new sound becoming the new normal and then beginning to wonder what it will sound like with the next piece of the puzzle. Enjoy it for now.

Absolutely, the key to contentment imo :+1:

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NDS → ND555 = Done :slight_smile:


Yes… I can’t easily buy new speakers. My s-400’s are the only speakers I’ve spent more than a few hours enjoying. They’ve been in my home eight years now and I’m still not sure if I they sound good or I just like them for aesthetics. Can’t do a home demo or find used speakers that I’d consider. My local dealer said I really need new speakers before upgrading to the Rossini. My short list consists of four speakers and none of them are available to hear prior to purchase. Was set on Sopra 3’s in orange but that color is no longer available so would be a special order situation. The safest bet would be the proac K6 but no dealer within eight hours of my homestead located beyond the edge of civilization.

There’s only the Statement to go to but it would clean me out, even used, and I like having something in reserve. I’m also reluctant to go for a more expensive cartridge again but then the last one (Transfiguration) was bested by something a third of the price.
I might have to dig into the reserves if the NBLs are found wanting after the next house move but that’s about it other than servicing.

Have you tried an ND555?

Yes, the 552 is definitely alluring …

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I am not sure I have ever been afraid to upgrade. There have been long periods where I have been content/happy with my system. What prompts the return to upgraditis is the question that puzzles me. On a surface level, available cash is a big factor, but what is that encourages me to spend it on hi-fi rather than something else? How can a system on one day be fine, the next needs an uplift?

The position you are in is something to embrace, rather than be afraid of. You can rest happy that your system is beautifully balanced with no need to do anything, yet you have the easy option of different speakers should you ever feel the need. So much better than having demanding speakers and the nagging doubt that they are not being fed properly. It’s a moment to savour.


No that was in my thinking but not now. But one day I’m sure.

Of course my system can sound a great deal better I’m sure, but at the same time it doesn’t sound lacking in any aspect now. The last few weeks there’s been a step change and it sounds really polished, I’m putting it down to cleaning up the Ethernet connection and also the 252 running in.

I will be getting a dedicated mains feed though, it’s a no brainer to my mind.

Little more that 6 months ago I was pulling my old Technics separates from the garage. I’ve come a long way and it’s brought me a tremendous amount of pleasure, much thanks to great advice on here. All day every day I look forward to getting everything done for that couple of hours ‘me-time’ listening and supping a glass or two. And the discovering is as enjoyable as the listening, thanks to Radio Paradise.

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I started a year ago with the intention of upgrading to the level that I would be satisfied with. I almost stopped at the 252/sc and 250 (non DR) with the Spendors I have. Then 300 came up and I just had to try it. It was not an improvement until it came back from being DR’d and I then just had to DR the SC. The 552 was then for me the final item to pair with the 300DR.

Quality sound for pounds spent I think the 252/SC DR with the 250DR would have been my ideal, but, but :smiley:


I’m relieved to read that, I can embrace where I’ve arrived :sunglasses:


I would think the sn2 isn’t SO bad. :grinning:

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