Afro Celt Sound System

Quite surprised to see a tour by ACSS being announced. I had assumed they were over, having lost 2 key members due to ‘differences’ (James McNally and Martin Russell)- then losing another (Simon Emmerson) when he died.

There is mention of a new album - released Dec’23 - of which there seems to be no sign…?

There is one track on Youtube -

Any one know any more…?
Searching the web didn’t turn up very much… :thinking:
Who is now in the band…?


Like you, I’d assumed they were long gone.
Good to see they’re not :+1:t3:


I saw them a couple of years ago at Folk East… great fun to watch and listen to… great show on the Sunset stage… and yes Simon E was performing then.

Maybe… could be a quite different group now… :thinking: